GQ Multimedia, in partnership with 1StopWeb has launched its latest venture,  This community based website is designed to serve Arab Canadians of all ages. The website is a daily source of information that provides Arab users with breaking news not only from Canada, but across the globe 24/7.  It is a social networking court that allows people to communicate and interact without leaving the comfort of their homes.  In addition to watching their favourite TV shows and listening to their favourite radio stations online, users will have access to Waseet Business Directory and Al-wattan Newspaper and many various services and social content.  The website has already 25,000 email subscribers that recieve a regular press-release every Friday, on weekly basis.
The Importance of E-Marketing
According to Internet World stats, August 2011, there were 29,960,000 users in Canada, representing 79.2% of Canada's population.  Nowadays, internet has become a major and effective tool of advertising.  It is the fastest growing marketing tool, that allows to reach a large number of people day and night, without time or geographical limitations.  In addition, advertising online is more affordable than traditional advertising like Television, Radio or Newspaper.
Why is a unique website as it equally serves the marketing needs of Arab and non-Arab Canadian businesses that are targeting the Arabic niche market.  When you choose, you choose the success of your marketing campaign.  With us results are what matters.  Whatever your budget is, it is our mission to use the best design and strategy to deliver your message and provide you with the best result at competitive rates.
There are options for all kinds of marketing budgets.  We can tailor ad campaigns to your sepcific budget. Discounted prices are available for repeat advertisements.. Please contact us for details
The various ad options available on are as follows: