Jamal Alqaryouti- CEO


Jamal Alqaryouti is the founder and CEO of GQ Multimedia.  Having more than 16 years of experience in journalism, Jamal’s passion for journalism and media begun while working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Art at Yarmouk University in Jordan.  Upon completion of his Bachelor’s degree, Jamal went on to pursuit a Master’s Degree in International Studies from Birzeit University in Palestine.  He completed his Master’s Degree in 1999.

In 2004 Jamal moved to Canada.  In 2006, driven by his passion for journalism and entrepreneurship, after being in Canada for just two years, Jamal established GQ Multimedia, an advertising agency specializing in media advertising production.

GQ Multimedia’s first publication was Al-Wattan biweekly Arabic newspaper for which Jamal still remains the Editor-in-Chief.  Quickly establishing Al-Wattan as a leading Arabic newspaper in the Greater Toronto area, Jamal saw the need for a high quality business guide for the Arabic community.  He began the publication of the very successful Waseet Business Guide, an annual business guide of which 20,000 copies are distributed in 220 outlets in 18 cities throughout Ontario.

GQ Multimedia introduced yet another Arabic publication, Sawa Rbena.  Sawa Rbena is a monthly newspaper which focuses on the social elements of the Arab Canadian community which include but are not limited to culture, community talents, health and beauty, local community news and events.

Jamal further expanded GQ Multimedia’s portfolio of services beyond print media, when he established the GQ TV Advertising Network, a chain of televisions operating in large Arabic supermarkets.  This network is exclusive to GQ Multimedia and runs commercials continuously during the supermarket’s business hours, providing advertisers a unique opportunity to target the niche market of the Arabic community.  Jamal’s next step in TV marketing  was to establish GQ Multimedia as the exclusive advertising agency for Omniyat TV, the only Arabic television program broadcasted on the Omni channel, and it is viewed by over 110,000 weekly viewers in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

In 2010, Jamal expanded GQ Multimedia services and publication beyond the Arab Canadian market and launched What’s Up Mississauga, an English monthly magazine that brings the spotlight on the City of Mississauga.  The magazine targeting young adults, reports on various topics including local news, travel, world sports, fashion, healthy living, nightlife, technology, politics and in addition each issue focuses solely on various Canadian talent with each issue allowing a peak into some of the most successful Canadian professional’s lives.

In addition to developing a large portfolio of media services, Jamal developed GQ Multimedia’s portfolio even further, by introducing a Web Development and Web Advertising division.  Additionally GQ Multimedia offers GQ Printing, a full range of printing services including brochures, posters, flyers, banners, business cards and post cards.

In 2011, Jamal driven by his unquenchable thirst for entrepreneurship put GQ Multimedia on the international map, when he established a GQ Multimedia office in Jordan.

Nabil  Shenouda- Sales and Marketing Manager



Nabil is an engineer with over 20 years of experience in the engineering field. He brings his highly technical skills and knowledge, and helps put a new perspective to a marketing campaign. Nabil driven by challenges and new experiences possesses the uncanny ability to always get things done right the first time. Nabil is highly appreciated by our clients. (There is nothing that Nabil Can’t engineer!)






M. Haroon- Writer


With a bachelor degree in Arabic Literature, over fifteen year experience in play and story writing, Haroon keeps the readers waiting with excitement for the next chapter of the story. He has been writing for our newspapers since the beginning and we don’t know how we could manage without him. (If you are in a mood for poetry, Haroon is always ready to recite one of his poems for you.)






Amani A. Mikhael- Reporter- Local News


With a bachelor degree in philosophy, a diploma in social work, a great passion for writing and meeting new people, Amani is busy 24/7 covering community events. Amani possesses a lot of energy that brings our readers up-to-date of what is happening in our community. (If you are looking for a good restaurant, Amani is your guide.)






Mohamad. Fala- Reporter- International News



With a bachelor degree in Foreign affairs, memberships of various local and international press associations, Fala is GQ Multimedia’s eye around the globe. He plays a great role in making our newspapers unique and in keeping our readers up-to-date about the world’s current events. (If you want to know where is where, or who is who? Ask Fala.





Rami Mattar- Head of Art Department-Event Director


A degree in Graphic Design was just the beginning for Rami. With over 8 years of experience in art directing and graphic design, Rami possesses an artistic sense that makes ads come to life! His passion to art is not limited to design; he is a n amazing event director, a song writer and a singer too. And while working, Rami’s humming keeps us entertained all the time. He is our designer, artist and visionary.

(We call him the Artist of GQ Multimedia.)





Anas Hathet- Art Director



With a bachelor degree in design, passion to photography and art, Anas brings creative beauty to GQ Multimedia. The cool, calm and collected, Anas is a sensitive guitar player who thrills us with his beautiful music, of course after work. (Wouldn’t you like to meet Anas?)






Samar Yassin- Designer



Samar is a talented designer with a college degree in Design. With her creative vision, Samar elevates all aspects of corporate marketing to a whole new level. No project is too large or too small for her to tackle. Her sharp design skills and meet the deadline attitude are highly appreciated by our clients.

(Isn’t she amazing?)





Lana J – Executive Assistant 



With a bachelor degree in Commerce (IT), amazing efficiency,  Lana provides an invaluable link to GQ Multimedia, people and technology.  Lana is a hard worker, a decision maker that doesn’t crack under pressure. (If you are organizing a trip, Lana is 100% in.)







Jamila Yousif- Accountant



With a bachelor degree in accounting, organization, efficiency and management skills, Jamila keeps the agency financially on track, and the clients on budget. (When it comes to numbers, Jamila is number one.)





Rani Matter- Marketing



With 5 years of experience in marketing, Rani built a solid bridge of trust between our clients and our company. His first priority is meeting the client’s needs. He has a never ending passion for marketing communications and is always focused on results for each and every client. (No doubt he’s our clients’ favourite marketing associate!)





Zina H – Public Relations



Zina is an expert in public relations. With many years of experience, Zina always brings the solution to the table and strives to satisfy our clients’ needs. Zina will not rest until she knows that the client’s every need has been satisfied.  (There is no challenge too big for Zina!)