GQ TV Advertising Network


GQ TV advertising network
The GQ TV Advertising Network is GQ Multimedia’s innovative and breakthrough advertising solution in the GTA, which offers you a new opportunity for your business to grow and gain exposure in the community.
What is the GQ TV advertising network?
GQ Multimedia has installed large television screens in large Arabic businesses across the GTA for the purpose of displaying advertisements. For the first time in Canada, Arabic advertisers can display their products or services in a dynamic and exciting way. At a competitive rate, your advertisement will be produced and placed in the location of your choice, where it is viewed by thousands of potential customers every day. The television screens are conveniently placed next to cash registers where they can be clearly viewed, heard and read by customers. Your ad runs at least seven times per hour that the location is open for business. On average, this means that your advertisement will appear at least one hundred times per day. It is produced professionally with GQ Multimedia and displayed immediately at the agreed upon location. In addition, a business card stand is provided for customers to easily obtain your card after viewing the commercials.


What locations are parts of the GQ TV advertising network?


-Al Quds (Town and Country Market) in Mississauga


-Baghdad Supermarket in Vaughn

More and more businesses are joining the GQ TV Network every day.





Prices depend on your selected location, ad duration, and the period in which it will run: 6 month or one year placements are available. The prices are based on an 18-second segment, and placement of your business card in our card stand. Discounted prices are available for a one-year contract in more than one location. Please contact us for more details..





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